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Behind the Lens

Hi & welcome! After years of working as a counselor

for families and children, I decided to follow my

photography passion. Now I have the best of both

worlds...I get to work closely with kids and families

while capturing the joy in their every day lives

through photos. I have now had years of experience

photographing familes, couples, kids, and pets. I

have taken both technical and artistic courses in the

industry to enhance my professional skills and

continue to do so on an ongoing basis.


I enjoy every moment I spend with

my clients during our photo

sessions and absolutely

***LOVE*** to document those

special moments in a fun, simple

and spontaneous way. I strive to

match each client's session to

their personality and personal

preferences. My style lends to photos

that are simple, sweet & colorful.


I take a limited number of clients

each month, so I can focus on

proofing and editing each session.

I will provide you with only prints I

know are worthy of framing on

your wall, or showcasing in an

album...I am a perfectionist, love

what I do...AND it shows in my work.